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For Booking or General Information, Contact: Kevin C. Hart

HartBeat Productions, LLC, P.O. Box 200576, Austin, TX 78720
Office: 512-258-6947, Fax: 512-258-6947

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For Wedding Services, go to https://pamelahart.com/wedding-services or click the icon above.

Entertain Your Guests With Live Music!

Special Event Offers
Concerts, Parties, Banquets

Professional Concert Production Service
(We produce & promote the Austin's Women in Jazz Concert Series)
Link to Women and Jazz Association Site

House Concerts Service
We can transform your living room into a concert hall.
Energize your party with live music! 

   Engagement Parties
    Wedding Receptions
   Birthday Parties
    Anniversary Parties
      Social Gatherings
     Wine Tasting
        Just for Fun Parties 

House Concert Planning & Setup Service .....
  ..... and Sound Engineering Service .......
..... and now for the show!

We will work with you to create high-quality, affordable musical program for your event!

Technical Information For Live Performances, Click Here!
Song List 2012 Pamela Hart maintains a pretty healthy repertoire of songs arranging from traditional jazz, contemporary jazz, R&B, and Gospel. This is a limited list. For more songs, please contact us. To view the listing via PDF, click the song list name. Special songs may be requested as well. 87.7 KB